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Corporate & Private Events

The Mermaid Atlantis is a character actor that loves making people laugh. With over 600 performances at last count, she specializes in variety entertainment, dance, clowning, martial arts, fire, and, of course, swimming mermaid shows. Performing everything from large stage shows to small parties, Atlantis will help make your event fantastical. Atlantis also speaks fluent Spanish.

Atlantis is a fully insured performer who started performing at the age of 4, and has been professional since 1997. With a background in dance, improv, and costuming. As an award winning costume designer, Atlantis provides the highest level of immersive entertainment.


  • Roaming  character
  • Immersive improv
  • Face painting
  • Belly dancing
  • Fire eating
  • Martial arts/sword acts
  • Klown acts
  • Swimming mermaid
  • Photo opps
  • Synchronized swim performances with troupe Pearls of the Pacific

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